Outside of Jams, you can contact us via IRC (Internet Relay Chat). We have now switched to Freenode IRC network.

The Kiwi web interface can be found here.

If you are setting a client then you need to use

Server Port Notes 6667 Standard port 6697 Encrypted port

We are using #torbaytechjam so please /join #torbaytechjam

Below you will find details of common commands and other useful information.

Common IRC Commands

Command Example Explanation
/msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email] /msg NickServ REGISTER hunter2 Registers your nickname (similar to a username) so that it cannot be taken by someone else.
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY [password] /msg NickServ IDENTIFY hunter2 This tells the server that it’s you, and not somebody else trying to use your nickname - essentially a login system.
/nick [new nickname] /nick random_new_guy This changes your nickname, and is useful if, for example, you have forgotten the password for your normal account.
/join [channel] /join #torbaytechjam This commands joins’s the specified channel, for example #torbaytechjam. All channels are prefixed with #
/query [user] [message] /query zleap Hey zleap. This command messages a user privately. Be careful using this command, as it is unmonitored.
/part [channel] /part #chat This command makes your client leave a channel.
/away [reason] /away Having dinner. This marks your client as ‘away’, so other users know. To mark yourself as back, run /away without a reason. Some clients also support /back.
/ignore [user] /ignore vktec This makes your client filter out messages from that user, for example to ignore them for a bit. If problems persist, please contact an operator via the /msg command.
/cycle /cycle This makes your client run the /part and /join commands for the current channel. Some clients don’t support this - you may have to part/join manually.


If you run other IM clients, then a piece of software called bitlbee allows you to combine IRC with other chat services. More info from the bitlbee website.


You can connect with :-