The Team

The Torbay Tech Jam is run by several members of the Devon and Cornwall GNU/Linux User Group. The team is a mix of different ages e.g adults (18+) and young people 13 - 18, and in different roles, based on ability not age. This model works extremely well. As we grow we should have people 12 and under in various roles too.

We can be contacted at the adresses below, so user@ from the list below then add

Please note : We have under 18's using this e-mail system, the sending of inappropriate e-mails may result in a criminal offense being committed. We reserve the right to report such e-mails to CEOP or similar law enforcement agency. Any unsolicited e-mail advertising products or services will be deleted and the sender may be blacklisted.

Paul Sutton Runs Jam zleap Paul@ Yes
Tom Brough Hardware hacker tombrough Yes
Harley Mayes Email / Domain / IRC admin hjm Harley@ n/a
Lucy Morgan Support n/a lucy@ Pending
Matthew Lugg Web site css mlugg matthew@ n/a
Samadi van Koten Web Site Backend vktec samadi n/a
Ozzie Harding Graphic Design OzzieHP n/a
Michael Support Veremits michael@ Pending
Dom Website / IRC shymega dom@ n/a
Andy Wills Pending

Website roles and responsibilities

Samadi van Koten Web Site admin / Editor
Dom Web Site admin / Editor
Matthew Editor
Harley Editor
Paul Editor