Tech Jam Write-ups

September 2017

Another successful Jam. This month we did some more GPIO hacking with the Pis and visitors got some simple traffic lights up and running. Other visitors were using Scratch for both basic coding and GPIO hacking. Andy was also supporting people with Python.

Hacking area

We also tested the Wii which was donated last month by Caroline and Theo. This worked well, and it was suggested we try hacking Linux onto it at some point.

Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii

Matthew, Josh and Harley also spent some time taking PCs apart and reassembling them for servers - one turned out to be quite dusty!

PC dust PC dust

Jack also tried to install xubuntu on one of the netbooks - however it turned out that the install disk was bad, which should hopefully be remedied for next month.

Matthew and Samadi also live launched the new website, with Matthew giving a run through of the site, and Samadi doing the DNS changes as well as explaining how the Python backend works.

Gordon Henderson also brought along his project which is a Raspberry Pi based PDP8/I emulator, inside a case, designed to look like the original device.


As always thank you to everyone for supporting the Jam, and as always if you need help between now and the next Jam on the 14th October then please feel free to chat to us on IRC (see link at the side) or send an e-mail.

See you next month and happy hacking :)

June 2017

Today was another successful Tech Jam.

We helped Caroline and Theo with their Pi Zero-based zumo robot. Despite initial issues with some monitors, we got the code for the robot working correctly; the issue was due to having two files with the same name. There were also a few power issues which we resolved.

Work was also carried out on the website, and new flyers were finalised and printed.

We also bought a copy of Phil Gardener's book, "Program using C++ on the Raspberry Pi".

There were discussions around a variety of topics; for example, we also started to discuss how we should best approach a ticketing system for the Jam. This would not be mandatory, but rather used to identify how many people are coming to the Jam, and plan accordingly. Andy Wills brought along some printed activities from code club. These are now stored in folders, so at future Jams they can just be taken from the cupboard and used.

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