Following the Code club information event on the 13th MAY 2017. There is a general consenus that a code club in Torbay would be a great idea. However for this to happen we need several things to be in place.

  1. Host Venue
  2. Voluteeres (need DBS checks etc)
  3. Children to take part

Paignton Library, if you are interested as a learner please get in touch with the Library and say you are interested or ask your teacher at school if the school can be a host.

If you are interested in volunteering and leading a session at the library please contact Shona Keen who is the library service volunteer co-ordinator (Based in Torquay).

If you are a school or other venue interested in hosting a club please sign up to the code club website, signup and specify you want to run a club and are looking for volunteers. Volunteers can then get in touch with you directly. Please keep you profile updated.

As clubs start up then can be listed here if the hosts are happy for them to be listed.