Below are some testimonials from visitors to the Jam.

Prof. Andy J. Wills


"Torbay Tech Jam is a really outstanding meeting; everyone helps and teaches each other on cool hardware and software projects"

Jane Pightling says:
September 2, 2016 at 9:31 pm

I am really impressed by this group. They are very welcoming and supportive of children of all ages and abilities. It’s really important to foster this type of interest and I don’t know enough about computers and coding to provide the sort of input my child needs to develop further. The group are very generous with their time and even kit. I have found the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) of particular note, being very well moderated and mature in its sharing of knowledge and information, which allows members to connect and work on their projects between face to face meets. Familiarity with this method of creating and sharing knowledge and practice with peers and working collaboratively in a virtual environment are important skills for the future. Brilliant stuff!