Health and safety

We don't want to over regulate what we do at the jam Health and safety is about assessing risk and taking steps to reduce any harm that may come from these risks. I have tried to write the policy in such a way it is informative.

We therefore advise the following

  1. Work in a safe way.
  2. Reduce trailing wires, I try to arrange tables to help with this, however where there are wires across the floor chairs may be placed over these to try and mitigate (lessen) any trip hazard
  3. Where possble please use the multiway sockets provided. This helps us comply as the multiway sockets are PAT tested on an annual basis.
  4. Electrical items brought in MUST be safe to use, and in good working condition.
  5. Please move around in a safe and sensible way, not running, tables can be moved, by folding (pulling bar) and then pushed around. Please note the breaks on wheels.
  6. It goes without saying liquids and electricity don't mix, please take care with drinks,
  7. We cannot do soldering due to library policy, but do recognise that this is not ideal, if you would like a club where you can do soldering please ask and we can try and get or campaign for a hack space that is friendly to all ages.
  8. Common sense keeps us safe, and keeps the jam running.


General Movement Trailing wires Tripping Cover or position wire so it is less likley to be trippped over.
Signs warning of hazard
No running and general common sense (see above)
Soldering Heat Burns Supervise Activity
Warning signs
Age limit
Induction / Training
Work near window for ventillation
Moving tables Various Various See above on how to move / fold tables
Stacking Chairs Chairs fall Injury Stack chairs no more than 4 or 5 high