Saturday December 10th 2016

 1 2:30 – 15:30  pm – Paignton Library and Information Centre.

Rooms 10,11, & 12 – Room 14 for Media Projects.

The Torbay Tech jam is designed to be a fun, informal and family friendly event.   We hope to inspire people,  especially children and young people to take an interest, not just in coding, but also related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Subjects.

Raspberry PI

We have resources such as :-

  • monitors
  • keyboards / mice
  • Raspberry Pi’s
  • Wire, breadboard,  and a few electronic components for interfacing


These are for visitors to use as part of activities.  You are welcome to bring your own kit, including laptops, pis, Arduinos.

A typical jam is currently a mixture of demonstrations, help, advice,  personal and group projects.  We encourage visitors to share their projects with others and we all try and help each other.   We are also running workshops and presenting talks on various topics.   Please see the workshops page.  If you want to do a talk please let us know.   We have access to the projector in room 10 that you can plug in to via the wall VGA socket.

We are also  active on IRC so between jams you can drop in and ask questions and we will try our best to assist you.  Please see the IRC page for more information.



On behalf of the Torbay Tech Jam Team, we would like to welcome everyone of all ages with a passion for technology to our forthcoming events