Torbay Tech Jam

Orangepip with LED ring Playing with robots Robot close-up

Photos taken by Elouise Wills, age 12.

Torbay Tech Jam is designed to be a fun, informal and family-friendly event. We hope to inspire people, especially children and young people, to take an interest in not just coding, but also related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects.

We are also a learning destination for the Children's University.

The Tech Jam is for all ages and experience levels. If you are just getting started then please check out our getting started guide.


At Torbay Tech Jam, people can participate in a number of activities:

We have a number of Raspberry Pis for visitor use, and can also provide monitors into which people can plug their own. WiFi is available at the Library, but Ethernet is limited, so make sure to bring wireless adapters for any devices that need it!


The Jam meets every month at Paignton Library and Information Centre. The event starts at 12:30 and finishes at 15:00, but you can show up and leave whenever you wish - it is completely cost-free.

The next Torbay Tech Jam takes place on Saturday 14th April 2018, 12:30 -> 15:00


Torbay Tech Jam is not limited to our monthly meet-up: we connect online in between our physical meets to chat, collaborate and help out. Our main form of online contact is IRC, though we can also be contacted through other methods.

IRC (Chat)