3 Coding Events to Motivate the Next Generation

list of three that are beginner-friendly. Click this link to read more.]

Are you searching for coding events that inspire beyond this present generation? You’ve come to the right piece; keep reading.

Coding is an essential skill that is gradually increasing. It’s an excellent way to build their interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and creativity skills. This article will discover the three coding events that will inspire you and the next generation.

Meet and Code

Meet and Code is a coding tech company that intends to make digital skills available to European citizens. Registration is ongoing through to September for the event. This coding organisation also allows European non-profits to apply for grants during the event. Meet and Code funds thousands of events during the EU Code Week, which runs in October. Charitable organisations that facilitate the events receive up to 500€ grants.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code organises Computer Science Education Week in December of every year. It aims to show that anyone can learn, understand, and even have facilities where other people can learn the fundamentals of coding. Hour of Code is an initiative that is accessible worldwide, especially for beginners who want to learn coding. There are materials in more than 45 languages. Registration is online to attend the event or organize one yourself.

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST)

FIRST is a coding event that comes up in late September or early October every year. The location of the event usually determines the date and is accessible in over 100 countries worldwide. Individuals are qualified to register and join a team to take on a real-world problem. They aim to design a robot using programming and then solve the problem.