Top STEM Events and Competitions You Should Attend

STEM events allow student or individual teams to unravel a particular problem or challenge through mathematics, science, engineering, or technology. Most of these problems are grounded in realistic issues, which encourage participants to use critical thinking and creativity to proffer innovative solutions.

Check out the following upcoming STEM events and competitions and choose the one you’d like to attend.

Congressional App Challenge

The Congressional App is a public challenge hosted by Members of Congress. It involves different teams coding and building other apps of their choice, which will be judged by the hosts.

The App challenge usually comes up from July through November every year. Participants can go online to start registering now. The team that wins will be recognised by the host and have its work displayed in the Capitol Building.

THINK Challenges

This event is organised by a group of MIT undergraduates for students who are just starting their original research project. Registration for this year is ongoing; interested participants should go to their official website and register. Selected finalists will receive monetary rewards for their research projects and also have weekly mentorship meetings.

FLEET Competitions

The Fleet is a competition organised by the American Society of Naval Engineers. Individuals will be asked to complete scenarios that naval engineers face every day. The competition takes place on a web-based platform using the STEM application. This competition is ongoing, and it’s a 10-week program (one challenge per week). The price is to be discussed (TBD).

Participating in one or more of these events and competitions will prepare students and individuals better for their careers and future challenges.

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