Interested in Coding and STEM? Best Places to Get Useful Resources

It is no longer a secret that the future of the workforce will be highly dependent on STEM. On the other hand, there is a higher chance that coding could be one of the qualities or skills that will be considered in the future when recruiting new employees.

We cannot escape from this fact and to better prepare for the future workforce, this is the right time to explore and make good use of the many resources available online and offline to acquire digital literacy and be fit for the 21st-century work industry.

This article has put together some of the best places to nourish your brain on STEM and coding. Whether you are a student looking for project ideas or just interested in expanding your knowledge in this field, these resources will make your time worthwhile.


There are uncountable blogs most of which are run by experts in this field. Whether you are an educator looking for lesson plans or project ideas for your students, blogs such as The STEM Laboratory Blog, Teachers Are Terrific Blog, and The Edtech Roundup provide great insights about the industry. These blogs are just the tip of the iceberg, the options are limitless depending on what you are looking for.


Looking for an easy way to sharpen your coding skills? EBooks are your best bet. Most of these books are authored by people who have been there, done it, and understand what it takes to be an experienced coder. The good thing with EBooks is that you can download them on your gadget and study at your convenience.

Online Magazines

There are endless options of magazines focusing on STEM and coding. Magazines are great for beginners in this field especially, as they cover a variety of topics in one issue. The language is also not very technical and very easy to digest. Magazines are written with a specific audience in mind so you will have fun reading and learning.


There are millions of videos online explaining the most basic as well as the most complicated aspects of STEM and coding. Videos come in handy especially for educators looking to enhance learners’ experiences when explaining different concepts.

Final Word

We could go on and on explaining the different resources that come in handy when learning about coding and STEM. If you have come across a resource that stood out for you and is not on our list, please comment or send us feedback on the same.